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About the Marina

A Riverside Gem
Dorado Beach is situated on a tributary of the IJssel river. Here it's about 100 m [330 ft] wide and is so clean you can swim, fish or waterski to your heart's content – without any concerns. Getting to and from Dorado Beach by water provides countless opportunities to take in the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding countryside.

R&R Dutch-Style
Enjoy the water and wildlife, the flora and fauna, and the rural countryside that seems to stretch forever to the horizon all around you. Wave to the cyclists on the dyke as you lounge on the deck of your boat soaking up the sunshine. Rest and relaxation Dutch-style!

Dorado Beach has around 170 full-service berths available for every type of yacht and motor boat imaginable.

Each berth is equipped with power and water supplies close by. In the marina, you'll find modern sanitary facilities, a floating refuelling station, a waste and bilge water pump, and a slipway with a cradle.

Dorado Beach's marina has five jetties – four of which have Mediterranean mooring docks for vessels up to approximately 20 m [66 ft] in length and a fifth suitable for mooring alongside. Each dock has separate long-side jetties measuring up to a maximum of 8 m [26 ft]. Safety stations equipped with fire extinguishers and life buoys are dotted around the marina.

At the main jetty, you'll find modern sanitary facilities including showers, washing cubicles, sinks and toilets. If you're planning to head off and explore the surrounding countryside, then you can rent a canoe or bike (regular or electric). Free Wi-Fi is also available throughout the entire park.

Onshore Accommodation
Children, friends or family travelling with you, or coming to visit you, can spend the night onshore if they so wish. Dorado Beach has a great camp site and a wide range of other accommodation options available for short- or long-term stays.

Dream the day away in a cottage on the dyke, opt for the comfort of a chalet, or wake up to the sunrise in one of our unique stilt houses. We recommend booking in advance, especially during holiday periods.