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Come and play!

In the forest near Dieren lies the most magical play and discovery place in Holland: De Spelerij/ Uitvinderij. In this park children can play and discover all day long. They can play outside in De Spelerij, but also cultivate their creativity in de Uitvinderij.

De Spelerij is like nothing you've ever experienced before, and is therefore a bit difficult to describe.  In the forest you'll find fantastical objects usually made from second-hand materials. They contain all sorts of mechanisms that children can put into motion themselves. For example, there is a lifting crane and a fountain children can manipulate themselves, but there are also boats and pedal-powered vehicles. Some play areas have roofs so can children can still enjoy themselves in bad weather.

The founder of de Spelerij, Jos Spanbroek, is an artist. The Spelerij is his studio, workbench and gallery in one. The playground equipment in the park is his pieces of art. Consequently, the park changes whenever Jos and his co-workers come up with new things. Everybody is welcome to visit, experience and admire de Spelerij.

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