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A Dutch Gem

The Achterhoek is the name given to the region situated to the east of Dorado Beach. Castles, gardens, parks, quarries, woods, spas and events... everything you could possible want. Visit the website for additional information.

Everything from Motocross to Culinary Delights
The Achterhoek has so much to offer. You'll find all the information you'll need about events and excursions on the website. Into motocross and heavy metal? Zwarte Cross in Lichtenvoorde has grown to become one of the most talked-about music festivals in the Netherlands. It takes place every July – order your tickets on time on the website.

If you're more into delicious cheeses, light classical music and a glass of wine, then forget France... you've got the Achterhoek! Genuine Achterhoek wine is produced at over twenty local farms. Who's up for a wine-tasting tour?