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Overnight stays

Two Cabins in the Sky

Dorado Beach has two 'floating' cabins and by 'floating' we don't mean on the water, but in the air. They look like ordinary North American log cabins. But they're anything but ordinary! These cabins have been built on stilts, so you can enjoy the wonderful views out across the dyke and the river's waters towards Doesburg. It's an experience best described as something between camping on the ground and living in a luxury tree house! If you're looking for spectacular views and a unique sense of freedom, then look no further!

These unusual and exceptionally comfortable 'floating' cabins sleep four (bunk beds), have their own cooking facilities including a refrigerator and a veranda with sitting area. Of course, you're also free to make use of any of the other facilities and amenities at Dorado Beach and you can simply park your bike under your floating cabin!